Attention - E-Merchants

If you’re an e-merchant you know that customers are looking for things like great product selection at great prices. The fact that you’re a Comodo Forum member suggests you’re also aware that customers are also looking for e-merchants they can trust - and who can blame them!

It’s a safe bet that more trust = more revenue.

Comodo and Comodo.TV have created a new tool for you to establish/maintain trust with your customers by letting them know that you take their security seriously.

At the We Care For Your Security page you will find resources that you can place on your site, both in written and video form. By doing so, you can differentiate your business from all of the others out there that may appear to be doing the “required minimum” to keep customers safe. You will also help your customers understand the significance of security and trust solutions like EV SSL and Comodo TrustMarks.