Attached images visibility

I see occasions where uploaded attached images in posts are only visible to registered (logged-in) forum users and sometimes the uploaded images are visible to the public. With uploaded I mean no link to an external image viewing url.

Who or what determines the state of visibility of attaches images in posts?

Permissions by board/sub boards all done so they have to join, partly in the hope they will report any problems.


Do I understand it correctly that visibility of uploaded images depends on in which board/sub board the images where posted/uploaded?
So in other words, in one board/sub-board uploaded images are publicly visible while in another board/sub-board the uploaded images are only visible to registered (logged-in) forum members, right?

Is it possible to set view-permissions on the images when uploading them?

Yes, the reason is mainly for Staff Member attachments not particular members.

No it is a Admin. function.


I understand it, thanks.

Maybe off-topic but while we are talking about permissions, are there any other or extra permissions a member can get on this forum like uploading other file types or else?

File types are done for security I presume, and decide by the Administrators.

There where a few extra boards you could access, but none have been active for a long time.