at risk: comodo application agent not running


after I update the latest update 1903 of windows 10 64bit (build 18362), I got this message, no matter how many times I click on fix it, its return to “at risk” mode.
I restart my computer several time, I try to update CIS, nothing fix this issue.
now the CIS update not responding.

thanks David


who will promise me it will fix the problem? if the problem is since the windows 1903 update…what re install will do different?

1903 is a major upgrade of Windows. Some it’s almost a ‘new’ OS. You should always tend to uninstall security software before such an upgrade. I would uninstall CIS and run the clean up tool, then do a fresh install;msg685312#msg685312

I’ve just finished doing that on 3 Win10 systems and have no problems with any of them

thank you
its fixed the problem.

there was other bugs you should know:
*open new link in new tab in IE/EDGE not working. the tab is opening blank or trying to open the link.

*randomly :the internet connection looking ok but cannot opening any website.

no windows update should make this problems, comodo need to be more professional about this situations.

Hi dudubitn,

Please check whether your browser has been launched in containment, provide us the Hips logs if any and screenshot for Hips settings.
Steps for collecting HIPS logs - HIPS Logs, Comodo Endpoint Security | Host Intrusion Prevention |COMODO
Steps for viewing HIPS settings - HIPS Settings, Comodo Internet Security | Internet Protection |COMODO

I too have started getting the “at risk Comodo application agent not running” repeatedly. It started happening after the latest Windows update, when I got the at risk^ warning maybe a couple or so times, but since yesterday I am getting the warning many times. I close down chrome browser as soon as I see I’m no longer being protected but I’ll have to resort to another way to protect myself online if this can’t be fixed. Clicking Fix It does not work and have to repeatedly click the Comodo icon in task bar (or right click and open) to try and force it to start up again. I’ve been using Comodo for years and have never encountered this problem before?.

Windows 10 Home
Version 1903
Installed 1 August 2019
OS Build 18362.267
64 bit OS

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Comodo: Product Version
Comodo: Database Version: 31323

If you read the previous posts, you would have known the solution is to re-install CIS.