"At Risk" and "not up to date" despite update.

Hi all,

I apologise for troubling you, but I have performed several searches to establish a solution to no avail.

Quite simply, my CIS is showing as "at Risk, with an out of date virus signature and a red box / white cross icon in the taskbar. This in turn is causing windows to report an out of date virus protection.

I have run the “fix it” option, and an update. Both trigger an update process, but advise the application AND virus database to be up to date, but despite restarts of the program and reboots I still have the “at Risk” out of date, and associated icon problem.

Is there anything obvious I am missing.

After it updates can you please go to the question mark in the upper right-hand corner of the window, click on it and select About. Then please let me know what it says the database version is.