At installation CAS keeps telling me I have Panda installed when I don't.

At installation I got a warning telling me CAS might not work properly cause it tells me I have Panda software installed when I do not.I searched all of my computer for Panda software to no evail, now CAS just sits in the taskbar doing nothing.Is this some kind of a bug, it is annoying. Running Windows XP Sp3

Sorry I have no idea what this is! Hopefully Junhua, one of the devs is watching, and can help us!

Any thoughts Junhua?


Having thought about this a bit more I wonder if you have any other (non-comodo) security software installed?

If so does it include an antispam module, or a function which scans emails for viruses?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, could you give product and version number?

Also if yes you could try disabling the competing scanner, but this may not work as it may leave the software still installed. To determine for sure whether there is a conflict you would need to temporarily uninstall the competing software (if any).

Meanwhile I will pm the devs, who will need the above information to help you.


I have SuperAnti Spyware and Microsoft Security Essentials which to my knowledge they don’t check for emails whether going out or in,nothing else running in the background.

Thanks my best guess is that the antivirus scanner is silently intercepting emails and scanning them for viruses using the same or a similar component to the one Panda uses. (You might not see any evidence of this).

Its also just possible that Panda antivirus free (or some such) was inadvertently installed with something else as a bundle, but has never been activated.

To check for the latter try searching your hard disk for files containing the string Panda or one of their product names, and see what comes up. Windows search will to this for you (run it overnight!) but be sure to include system files & program files in the search.

Best wishes


Oh! meant to say I have pm’ed the devs, so I wait feedback from them re the first possibility, that your software is using a similar component to the one used by Panda


I’m sorry there is no response from the developers yet.

Could I suggest that you try continuing with the installation to see if you get any problems? If you do you could try what I suggest above and get back to me with the information. Also worth reading the ‘Before you install’ topic first.

Hope this helps. Best wishes