Asus VivoTAB Smart ME400CL LTE firewall bug


Is the problem you are describing similar to what is reported here?

I don’t quite understand what you are describing for this one. Can you please attach some screenshots for clarification?

By the way, please include only one bug report per topic. Including more than one makes things confusing, unless you are implying that these are actually two symptoms of the same problem.

Thank you.

I had just replied to your original report, but you have now removed it.

Is the problem solved? ???

Hi Chiron, i switch to ZoneAlarm, for now.

Maybe you might consider adding the option to the installer with the old layout ?
That product was really great, this product it acts like a old tank.

I’ll move this to Resolved then.

Also, switching to Advanced Mode includes most of the options everyone (myself including) was looking for. Did you check that out?

Thanks for the replay, you mean Advanced Settings ?

No, the main page for CIS has a toggle in the upper-left corner which switches to the Advanced View. Did you have that selected?

Yes, always.

Okay, I’ve moved this to the HELP section of the forum.

As it appears that there may be something wrong with your installation the first thing I’d like to try is to see if a complete reinstall can fix it. To do this please follow the advice I give in this topic. Once it is fully installed do not import any old rules/configuration. Also, other than switching to Advanced Mode, do not make any changes to the configuration.

Please let me know if after following the above advice you are still seeing these issues.