Ask toolbar & Firefox[Solved]

I uninstalled the ASK toolbar as I decided not to use it.

However when I type anything into my Firefox navigation toolbar, it still goes to for a search.

I have not got Ask as a Firefox add-on either.

Any suggestions for removing it completely please?

Tool > Options > Main > what is the ‘Home Page’ entry contain?

Hi FaZio,

It’s Google UK.

type in about:config into the url (without http://)
search for keyword.URL

for google change it to Google

did this help you?


Thankyou CG, it goes to Google now.

I think it used to go to Comodo if I typed that in, now it always goes to Google.

hmm… Check the Picture’s

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi CG, the searches were set to ask, so now changed to Google.

The Keyword I have now changed from to as that is my home page.

No sign of Ask now and all running smoothly, so this is resolved and many thanks.

Your Most Welcome


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