Ask Instead of Auto-Blocking

There are some applications that were executable before, but now are automatically blocked by HIPS. How do I get Comodo to Ask instead of automatically blocking these applications? I think this problem may have started after a recent program update.

You most likely choose block with remember my answer selected so check the HIPS rules, also check to make sure the HIPS setting do not show alerts is not selected.

“Do not show popup alerts” is not selected and the applications are not blocked in HIPS Rules. In fact, when the application is blocked by Comodo, I go into the blocked applications list and select “Unblock” which moves it to HIPS Rules with everything set to “Allow” except for “Run an executable” which is “Ask”. Even with this rule allowing everything, if I run the application it’s blocked again and shows up in the Blocked Applications list. This is in Paranoid Mode. If I drop to Safe Mode, it works, but this used to work fine in Paranoid Mode.

I think auto blocking is better than misclicking allow :P0l

Need to check the logs to see the details of the block.