ask for an analysis of this parcel of viruses

Hello ask for an analysis of this parcel of viruses:

in this package are different viruses Trojans, spyware, adware, backdory, the package is password hacker
most can not detect whether Comodo Antivirus is the ability to wrzucenia to update its database of viruses?, ai have a question about the option of returning the infected file to update what was in Comodo AV 2, or its already niezobaczymy in the coming release of Comodo AV 3.5?

P.S I also question the Comodo Antivirus or in the next issue is likely to add heuristics, low, medium and high?

Heuristics will be added in early 2009

Contains 308 malware and CIS detected 234 and missed 74 malware.


Links removed please please do not post links to live viruses on the forum.

Thank you