[ask]dualboot setup Vista/XP [locked]

teehee, here we go again ;D

now i’m trying to create dualboot for Vista64 & XP32.
i’ve shrink the drive, and now i have following drives

C: = vista installed drive
D: = still blank (40Gb) <==planned to install XP on it
E: = blank (1Gb) <==the tutorial suggest me to make small partition to switch file between OSs
F: = DVD rom
H: = memory stick

so i restart my computer, boot the XP installer, & i got this (attached) 88)
(and i’ve retried several times with the same result)

why? :’(

[attachment deleted by admin]

i’ve done googling for the 0x0000007B error.
i think it’s related to SATA controller driver issue. and the best way possible to do is to

  1. find the driver,
  2. download nlite
  3. slipstream the driver into nlited XP installer.
    if only i know what are those things 88)
    gotta go to bed now, it’s 11.37 PM here.

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Here is a link to here you may be able to find the solution


PertamaX, Gan! ;D

If you want to dual boot XP vs Vista, then all you need to do, is wipe out all your HDD & Partition (just to make sure it was clean enough from your p0rn & smiley’s collections; your choice).
Split your HDD into 2 with a helluva razor sharp kitchen’s knife or use a partition manager.
Let the XP have the first spot and set the space as necessary (ie; if you want to use your XP just to run some wicked 16 bit apps, then 8 or 10 GB will do fine).
After you have your XP run smooth, then load up your Vista DVD, and start the installation from within your XP.

More of it: http://www.vanser.web.id/2009/04/15/panduan-bikin-dual-os-windows-xp-dan-vista/

  • hint: advanced = sh*t brick solution ;D
    i’ve read that,it’s one of the articles i googled yesterday.

huh ??? i thought you’re getting your bon tattoed in bali ???
well, i found 2 tutorials, 1 is about how to setup dual boot vista+xp & the other one = xp+vista.

since my holistic solution worked like a charm (more info here ;D) i had to spent 4-5 hours yesterday using recovery drive.
now you want me to wipe it out? >:(

from what i read, there are 2 logical solutions for this (other than sacrificing a goat 88)), i should try them first:

  1. download the SATA controller driver, slipstream the driver into Nlited XP installer
    problem: can’t find the driver (i found the .exe driver installer, but the Nlite ask for .inf driver ???)

  2. use XP SP3

haven’t tried the latter :stuck_out_tongue:

well, those 2 are the solutions, assuming the stop error 0x0000007B issue is caused by SATA controller driver.
there are some other solutions about changing the SATA,IDE, ATA (not sure) setting on BIOS setting (dell & hp laptop),but i can’t find the same setting on vaio BIOS setting 88)

I’m having my breakfast outside of this lovely bungalow with my daughters, and remote dialing my server at home (checking for some documents & to see how’s your new VAIO works).
I guess you’re just in ‘luck’ for some more deep OS adventure.

Congratulations for blowing out your first Vista ;D
Meanwhile, I’m going for some nice morning swimming and relaxation.

Oh, shoot!
Here comes my mother in law.
She hates my computer thing…

Better run downhill.
See ya!

LOL ;D …you’re going to Bali with mother in law? 88)

ow, and about your suggestion.

assuming the stop error 0x000000007B is caused by missing SATA controller driver, combined with my luck, i’m gonna have the biggest computer failure in history 88)
wiped HDD, can’t reinstall XP 88)

yep.that’s the plan. i have an XP SP2. now i’m orderin XP SP3, still have to wait 1-2 days then 88)
i tried Nlite yesterday, but i have problem finding the right driver.

i’ll check it out though i prefer getting an offline SP3 installer CD, my internet sucks 88)

What are your BIOS setting for IDE/SATA?

can’t find it 88)
i need to press F2 to go to BIOS setting, but there’s no IDE/SATA config on it ???

Ok, no worries. I just find it curious that you’re having a problem installing XP. I have XP installled on a couple of machines here and they both have SATA II drives. The DVDs are also SATA but although I’ve nLited in the past, I now just do a basic install from the original CD or an ISO. My copy of XP is pre service packs and it always finds the drives without the need for any additional drivers.

I guess things may be different on a notebook…

yeah, i have XP SP2 on my desktop machine too, and it uses SATA drive.

I think you probably would have been better off installing XP first then Vista.

ow c’mon :-\ i’ve spent 5 hours recovering vista & another 3 hours cleaning junks & 2 hours installing things.
beside, the tutorial looks easy, except it didn’t say anything about BSOD 88)

i’ll try XP SP3 for now (the XP SP3 disk will come tomorrow).
if it doesn’t work, then i’ll install XP first.

i have this VAIO recovery disk to recover to factory setting in case anything bad happen

  1. is there any way to only pick the things i want (instead of installing them all, and clean the junk later)? i didn’t see the option yesterday ???

  2. if i install XP first & then use the recovery disk to install vista, wouldn’t it restore the whole drive & wipe the whole partition ???

Have you see this:

Install Windows XP in a Dual Boot with Pre-installed Vista

How to: Dual-boot XP and Vista on Sony Vaio VGN-N220E

Dual Boot Trouble Shooting Guide / Vista Running

the dualboot on VAIO link is error, i’ve got other link with similar info like those two.
and i asked my friend, he said he had a same BSOD before when installing XP & using SP3 can solve the problem :-TU

let’s see tomorrow :-La


That’s the main link

Don’t worry.
There is very easy way to do so.

Use VistaBootPRO!
Find and download it. ;D
It works perfect.

Install XP to D:
Your system will be booted to XP.(You can’t boot to vista at this time, because
a bootloader for vista has been deleted)
Install VistaBootPRO in XP.

Run VistaBootPRO

1.choose Reinstall the Vista bootloader.
3.now vista booterloader is recovered that deleted by installing XP.
4.go to Manage OS entries.
5.if there is ‘Microsoft Windows XP’, delete it.(becuase
you need to make new one)
6.check ‘Add new operationg system entry’
7.check OS Type ‘windows Legacy’
8.OS name to ‘Microsoft Windows Xp’
9.now you need to make Drive Letter.
Drive letter for Vista: C
Drive letter for Xp: C
10.and reboot.
11.now you will see dual boot menu.

easy and quick huh? ;D ;D ;D

This is very important.
Do not make drive letter to actual partition!
Make them all ‘C’ like above!
If you don’t?
You will burn your pc.