Ashampoo security products

Hey guys,

what do you think of this product, I tested it and like it. But how is it performing in your test (it did mine the best, even better than Spywaredoctor and Superantispyware). So ?


I’m personally not a big fan of Ashampoo products. A lot of their previous ones I’ve tried contained a lot of ads etc and weren’t very effective. Just take a look at Ashampoo firewall for example. At any rate, not my favourite and not sure of their overall intensions. I’m sure they’re fine for some, just not my cup of tea.


Well, I do like the antispyware. But that’s the only one, never tried the firewall (not vista supported.) or the security encryption thing. But I hated the antivirus.


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i used it for about 2 weeks maybe longer and did not like it i found it to be heavy on my sys and scan times was not to long but for me it was. I use to like SAS and just over time found it not very good. Ashampoo-AS SAS imo are a close runner ups to junk scanners not very good performers at finding thing and i would never pay 20+$ for any one of them if it was me i would move to some thing that was proven to work.

Ashampoo antispyware is indeed competing with SAS, at least for the scanning. Other pro’s for ASA is that it adds antikeyloggers and lower - really lower on recourses :).
I only don’t understand why you say SAS and ASA are bad scanners, they’re performing like the best :o.


I only don't understand why you say SAS and ASA are bad scanners, they're performing like the best
my reason behind.....they do not preform very after having to clean up things they missed or did not stop it's kinda useless to have them sitting on my HDD knowing they missed malware that could have been prevented if i was using a better AS.. webroot is a much better AS hands down and ASA or SAS will never preform at that level.... at this point i will give up some sys resources that webroot uses for the peace of mind. but each to his/her own. you asked what peoples thinking was on the 2 AS and that's just what i gave you.;)

True, I was just wondering why you would say that :). Indeed, everyones personal taste, like that I will never use Spysweeper because I had some bad things with it before .


Ashampoo software is really bad! Have you ever tried doing some leaktests with their software??? It does not give any good protection at all! It is just a waste of resources!

do some search on the internet of good trusty review sites… and I can not understand you guys say it is competing with Superantipyware! Than it is like you say windows firewall is as good as comodo firewall pro…

Let me correct myself… I am talking about the free versions of ashampoo software! the paid versions could be way better… but I am not sure of tha…

Well … watch it what you say Triple X know your my buddy ;D. Well I was only talking about the antispyware which is enormously better than the firewall (–>which s*cks) and the antivirus (which is bad to) . Al the rest of the software doesn’t have to do a lot with security so I cannot really compare it ^_^.


Good! I am glad you agree with me here buddy! (:WIN)

I am not a big fan of Ashampoo my self. I have never had any off there products & don’t intend too…

Only my personal opinion.

Just some info, ashampoo antivirus does it great on on this test leaving most products behind and competing with antivir premium.