as good as it seems

hi all,i have had lots of problems with my pc.virus trojans ect… this is the only site i have found where you get it ‘free’ forever n it works,i dont mean to sound down on this but ive had many ppl tell me to try different sites and there always seems to be a catch ie only 30 day trials and stuff like that is this site as free and as good as it seems?
ps i have already downloaded the firewall just not sure how it works yet lol

Hi and welcome,

‘It’s free forever. No catch. No kidding!!’ to quote Comodo’s slogan. It is free no catch, as Comodos’ main revenue comes from selling SSL certificates so they invest this into the free products to increase awarenesss of themselves and thus increasing their revenue from more SSL sales.



After installation you get a 30 day trial, after the trial you can either register or keep using the product (the product will keep working even after the trial expires, however a popup will keep coming up asking you to register) after the 30 day trial, you may register for a FREE license code, after you recieve your free license through e-mail you can activate your Comodo product for a LifeTime License!

So Yes it’s free “No Catch, No Kidding” :wink:

Register/Download the firewall HERE.

Register/Download the Antivirus HERE.