As CIS is dead, can anybody suggest another security solution that works?

So, now Dennis has locked the only topic we could talk anything about cis (almost anything) and the forum for news regardless cis is closed to new topics, so it seems that now we have confirmation of this being a dead product, right? or am i missing something?

Anyway, does any one knows any good security software that can sub cis?

Im trying my way with the windows defender with some sets of mine, but i cant trust that much in microsoft :stuck_out_tongue: so thats why im looking for something else that can work.

For now, im keeping cis in some of my machines but ini 2023 ill have to move on as we are almost receiving moment update 3 for windows 11 and eventualy we will have to move on to the new windows and cis is not compatible with it. so a new security software is needed.

Cruelsister (coff coff staff of ceo) could suggest something for us?

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please dont edit my post to hide the truth… :stuck_out_tongue: this is actualy funny as we are here for so long and almost nobody figured it out :3

But you could at least be nicier with us and say something about cis, whats going on, etc.

To get a level of protection similar to the one which CIS offers, you would need at least 3 security softwares running in real-time, which may cause your system to be slow and sluggish unless you have an extremely powerful PC.

For example:

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free (AV + Behavior Blocker) + VoodooShield Free (Execution protection with default deny architecture like the Containment from CIS) + Tinywall or any other Free Firewall software since Windows FW is limited in functionality.

You can exchange the mentioned AV for Bitdefender Free or Avira Free. Those 3 offer strong detection ratio (better than Comodo AV detection ratio).

Or you can simply be stubborn and remain using Win10 with CIS or CFW + one of the mentioned AVs. You can also buy a subscription for Xcitium Client Security (XCS) since that should be essentially CIS on steroids, but I am not sure about its pricing or if they even allow it to be used on home/consumer machines.

The best possible scenario for us end-users is if CIS is still maintained and will receive an update for Official Win11 Support.

As the Mod Eric Cryptid said:
‘Comodo signature updates still current and very good. Comodo still unbreachable by any malware. Yes, there are some bugs but I personally never feel the affect of them. If people wish to move to another product, that’s their choice. The scope of this topic is to explain why you uninstalled Comodo. C.O.M.O.D.O RT (devs) may reply and ask you to ellaborate and that’s where the discussion continues either here or via PM. We have tried contacting devs for further information on updates but we receive the same “soon” message so the answer to that is …as soon as it’s ready. …’

So maybe they indeed have the intention on maintaining CIS, let’s not forget that Comodo Dragon browser is still alive and receiving updates pretty often. Dragon is a project heavily tied to CIS, even being offered on CIS online installer.

We still have hope. Maybe they just have few developers left for CIS as Ming.zhou mentioned human resource issues. I remember that Ming was the one responsible for handling driver-related issues with CIS and become the main CIS developer since the former main developer left the company. So maybe they just need to find a qualified person to be the lead developer for CIS, which may take some time (or a LOT of time) to accomplish if they have all their focus/attention diverted into the Enterprise section… I wish I had a Crystal Ball to look into what the future has in store for CIS.

i understand that the best way to go here is keeping windows defender + some containment software, but what to use?

  • avira free is trash.

do you trust cis is still in development? 3 years and nothing yet…

Some professionals that I respect recommend the NON-FREE version of Malwarebytes when used in combination with Windows Defender.

See, for example, the YouTube channel CareyHolzman - YouTube