Article about how to secure our future..


That’s a cool business model :-TU

Thank you!

We have to be on the same boat as our customers!

If they suffer, we suffer!

Only via this model, can we bring security to the masses!


The trick, says the CEO, is to proactively manage the end-user's PC and prevent misconfigurations that could lead to security and software problems.
Given the lack of tech savviness of many consumers and small-business users, a cloud service to manage their computer systems may be the best way to do that.
GeekBuddy offers virus diagnosis and removal, PC tune-ups, software and printer setup, printer and PC troubleshooting, ID-theft protection, and even help setting up e-mail accounts.

Very good for common users.
Sometimes advanced users are too jealous to let others “do” anything in their computer ;D
Even the trial period is long enough (60 days!).

I like that. It’s there when you need it :comodorocks:


Now why would you spend $$ to buy AV products?
For the same price, get GeekBuddy!