In the screen “Firewall Events”,

using “Advanced Filter”,

selecting “Protocol”, the screen doesn’t offer the choice “ARP”.

This must be an oversight.

Hi domo78,

Thank you for reporting, we will check this.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Can you give us some feedback on this topic ?


Not really a bug but a wish request to add ARP to the log filter, this was submitted to Comodo a long time ago in the now defunct bugzilla mod tracker.

Does that mean that mods have no link to or insight to Comodo’s CIS bug tracker anymore?

Yes and no, it was a self-hosted Bugzilla instance by one of the moderators and it was a way for Star group and moderators to submit issues and feature requests, which was synced with their own internal tracking system’s one of which was Jira. When you see thread titles that contain a bracket M with numbers e.g. [M2419] that is the Bugzilla bug number in the mod tracker, then any issue that was submitted would then be checked by them and they would either confirm and add their own tracking numbers like CIST-XXXX CCS-XXXX, or provide feedback as to why it is not a bug or why something can’t be changed/fixed. Because no one used it anymore, mainly not getting any feedback or activity from Comodo, it kind of just went away which I don’t fault or blame him for.

Thank you for your elaboration futuretech.

I hope that somehow Mods and Staff can still continue to work closely together to keep improving the great Comodo products.