Arghhh! Cannot install AT ALL if you use an encryption program?!?

If CMT detects Truecrypt (and I assume the other “incompatible” encryption programs mentioned) Time Machine will not allow you to install it. It says to uninstall Truecrypt and try again.

I want to install it anyway, because I only want to protect the unencrypted C partition.

I don’t ever want to use it on my partition(s) or files that I use Truecrypt on. Why can’t I override the install so that I can use the product? I assume CMT is not a rogue that will just use any and all drives to do it’s work. If it is only protecting C:, then is it not just using space on the C: drive? If so, then it should work correctly for those of us that need it to just protect C:.

You can put a nasty warning on the install dialog override threatening data loss, corruption, etc if it’s used on a Truecrypt volume… But if in fact I can tell it to only protect the C: drive, and not touch any other drives, then please let me install it even if I have encryption software.