Ares download speed help

After reading other threads I have now managed to get this to work but the download speed is very slow.
On my CFP summary page the traffic shows ‘System’ as about 81% and ‘Ares’ as about 10% is this correct and any suggestions.

System is Windows and should be outgoing only. Comodo doesn’t effect Ares speeds nor does it affect any browser speeds. I took this from the Ares site. Read it.

Q.Why do some things take so long to download?

The speed at which a download takes place is limited by both the bandwidth of the downloader and by the bandwidth of the uploader. A document cannot by transferred faster than the uploader is capable of sending it, nor can it be transferred faster than the downloader is capable of receiving it. To Maximise transfer speed chose search results having more than 2 yellow stars and configure your firewall/router to allow traffic through Ares' data port (your data port is in control panel->transfer->Accept incoming connections on port:)

Many thanks.
In control panel it shows Port 42943 is this the source port that has to be entered in cfp.As I entered 23302 as advised on another thread.




Please bear in mind that I don’t use Ares and wouldn’t recognise it if I foind it floating in my soup.

When you say “Control Panel”, I assume you mean the configuration within Ares, and that this is the standard port for incoming requests. If so, then this would be the port number you need to reference in the CFP incoming rules.

Hope this helps and I haven’t misinterpreted your post.
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No reason to do this!


Thanks Ewen thats ok