"are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties"

after upgrading to comodo 8 from 7.0. I now always get a popup when copying a downloaded file to my nas (ext4 formatted storage). I never received this popup before. I have uninstalled comodo and the problem disappears. whenever I reinstall comodo the problem resumes. so I know for fact this is an issue with the new comodo version. what is going on here? why do I get this message with the new comodo when moving/copying a downloaded file to my nas? I cannot accept this behavior. I have since removed comodo from my system. this is unusable to me. is there a setting I can adjust to prevent this or do I need to look for an alternative?

thank you

Michael Taylor

This is being caused by Comodo adding Alternate Data Streams (ADS) to some file types on NTFS drives.

This has been reported and is being discussed in this thread:


at least they’re aware of it, now they just have to fix it.

michaeljtaylor, please add your opinion to the bug thread too, so the developers will see it. I don’t know how it works, but maybe if more people report this problem they might realise how bad it is, and fix it faster. :slight_smile: