are we using the beta version of cis5.8?????

the final version of cis5.8 has launched,i have downloaded one from the offical site,and installed it.however,after i opened the main menu of cis and right click the button tab of shows :“comodo internet security beta”.so are we using the beta version of cis5.8???

here is the photo of it:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi sdfsadfdfs,
Something is not right there, I would suggest check for program updates.

Also what shows in More, About?

Edit: The page maybe updated incorrectly, try here for download if you continue having problems.
I am also sure Beta showed along the top of the GUI with the Beta version.

hi,it’s the latest version.and no update avilable

do u meet the same problem with me???

i have also downloaded another copy of install file from the site u mentioned,but still the same problem.

Did you have the Beta installed before?
It is always advisable to do a clean install going from Beta to stable.


well,i have installed a beta version on my computer before,but i unistalled it from my computer before i installing the final version.

I would suggest try another complete uninstall, rebooting in between then a clean reinstall, but that might be a pain sorry. That failing hope someone else comes up with something for you.