Are we the only ones having some issues?

No email for over an hour. Trying to figure out if it is Comodo or something else.
I have opened a ticket.


Mail flowing again.


We suffered the same too. Did you see any notifications on what had happened?

I login to the portal but I did not see any service outage alerts.

I filed a support ticket, got a reply some time later that it was broke, and then it came up. I think we were without mail for about 3 hours or so. Since the Exchange server allowed local email, some of the folks didn’t realize it was down for an hour or so.
I provisioned a new Exchange server last weekend and was fearful that something on it had gone bump in the night. It seems like we didn’t lose any mail, it was trickling in. I will check with the client in the morning. Been a long time since there was a glitch.

Hi guys ‘n’ gals - sorry for the delayed response.

Some mail slowed down for about a 2 hour period due to an attempted ‘thwarting’ of the spam-filtering methods we use (we caught it anyway though). Fear not, no mail was lost.