Are we going to release v3 next tuesday 20th Nov or not? [Closed]

I’m not judging you or any “no-sayer” specifically. That philosophy thing was mostly sarcastic, sorry if that wasn’t obvious. I’m just trying to understand why so many thinks that CFP 3 won’t be released on the 20th, when Melih even starts a poll about it. Perhaps it will be delayed, I don’t know, but I’m still optimistic.


I’ve been rude, haven’t I? :-[
It’s just that I’ve been waiting for the final with such a zest that I’ve started doubting the release day will ever come. My apologies. :-[


Kill me if you wish but I’m voting NO.

There are still two APIs that keylogger detection isn’t picking up on, DoS detection hasn’t been enabled since two builds so we have no idea how it has progressed, there’s still the 8.3 app path bug and a few internal bugs here. I’m eagerly waiting the final release too but said concerns keep me from giving it the green light as a fully mature app. However, I’d be voting YES for the release of a second Release Candidate on Nov 20, which I think would be the wiser choice. :wink: One is scheduled on the Release Dates page anyway.

Either way you really don’t have to worry about delaying it a lil longer. ZoneLabs’s Vista-compatible version of ZoneAlarm Pro is still MIA so you’re ahead of them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made that one up based on the assumption that there will be a 2nd RC. Of course, that was then and this is now, so anything can change.

An admin speculating on the product’s development? LOL sounds like a communication issue here… Well it’s still on the page… Speculation or not, it is one of my own intuition too. I mean, I for one do feel the need of a 2nd RC to convince me that it can go gold. All in all I think we should get SOMETHING on Nov 20…

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Yeah gotcha. Sorry, bad choice of words. My bad. :S

So do we keep counting down days or will Nov 20 just go poof?

Why are we even having this discussion?

Does Melih have ants in his pants? ;D

For me, reading through five pages of forum posts about a speculative topic is a waste of time.
The thread does contain some valid reasons as to why a hasty product release would have a negative impact. This has happened before and if anyone, then Melih should have learned his lesson from that. If the purpose of this thread was to gain some constructive criticism, then I would have picked a better title like ‘Should we release V3 next Tuesday 20th Nov or not?’

FYI, I’ve just posted Two RC1 CRASH DUMPS to the Bug Reports here.


I’m curious Melih. Behind the scenes, what progresses have been made with the firewall that make you so confident that there can be a final version within 6 days? Maybe our speculations are made because we’re experiencing bugs that have been quickly fixed. Do you know something that we don’t? Care to shed some light on development progress please? :slight_smile:

Until v3 is out and tested by those who know about these things (I’m not one of them) I’ll continue to use OnlineArmor. It seems to do a good, basic job as a firewall and, above all, is very easy to use at a simple level.
I particularly like the explanations and choices that are shown - so much easier than CFP2.4.

I did try CFP3, had the BSODs, went back to 2.4 but it wouldn’t run. Tried ZA - it slowed the computer, so went to OA.

Anyway, ‘No’ until v3 is ‘right’ - we have a reputation to maintain.


I voted ‘no’ because I’d turn out a RC2 and if that turns out fine, let this very RC2 go gold. (It is a Release Candidate after all).
And then I hope that through Comodo’s automatic update feature bug-fixes are installed as they are found.

This is my thinking on the porpose(f*** it I don´t wnt to bother with a spell checker) of a RC

That it should be pretty much be like the final with only minor changes like a help file and skins

However this is up to the boss. Right Melih


Thanks Josh… really appreciate the vote of confidence.


No worries Davor :slight_smile:

no harm done…



Devs think its ready. Of course it might have a small bug or two… and some compatibility issues as it goes in a big way as there will be new configurations we will be coming across for the first time. Guys have fixed as much as they can… marketing guys are burning the midnight oil finalising the documentation (99% there as of today).

So there you go! :slight_smile:


PS: of course all subject to a last minute bug stopping us on our tracks! :slight_smile: (not that it didn’t happen before:) )

I think that it is ready too.
I have tested RC1 thoroughly and could not find any major bug.
The only bug I found is that when I create an ask rule, at the applications rules comodo blocks the traffic instead of asking for my permission. 88)

Sounds to me like we might be looking forward a final next tuesday 20th Nov :■■■■

Can’t wait Melih

You know the forums are going to be buzzin Tuesday (:WIN)


LOL Melih you remind me of myself with my hischool programming diploma. I finished the project at about 3am, was typing out the documentation til 6am and doing last-minute bugfixes 30 mins before the testing comitee arrived. I didn’t even have the documentation printed out I begged my IT teacher to do it for me, when I handed them over they were still warm. :smiley: Talk about last-minute work.

Sounds reassuring, though I still retain my point of view in that even if known issues are fixed they should at least spend a week or two more polishing it. Well you wanted to know what the majority thinks… from here on it’s all up to you.

I’ll be waiting to see what happens…

(:NRD) Well it was interesting reading the posts about the premature release of CFP 3, i voted no because i was one of those that went through the debacle of the the release of Zone Alarm Security Suite7, they to released a unfinished product, went through all the beta testing, and released a public version with the,now they are back to a beta Build.I was one of the people that migrated to comodo, still using the far more stable 2.4, have played with the new one, needs heaps of work, i wonder how many loyal users of zone alarms abandoned a siinking ship, i personally dont want to see it happen twice to two good products. I think comodo has done a terrific job to this stage, but this firewall is nowhere near a public release, patience comes the spoils, Comodo has a good reputation in Security Programs , so why tarnish it, I think one more RC Should be enough to sort out any bugs, and give it a month to test : PS Just go over to the Zone Alarm Forum, and see how many bugs they are still finding!!! Cheers Bazza!!

Trust me, you’re not alone in that. I’ve taken part in that debacle you speak of, and yes I do frequent the ZA forums. Heck, ZoneAlarm’s downhill progress aswell as near-complete neglect for Vista compatibility is how I discovered COMODO in the first place.

There is a real need to take the elimination of bugs seriously. From what Melih says the devs are confident with their achievements. All I’m saying is that they should think about it very seriously before they release it. A Release Candidate is supposed to mean “Hey, we think we’re finished, and this is what we’d like to release to the public. What do you think?”, and on account of that I say there’s still a few interface, core, and functionality bugs that need to be worked out or there will be some very unhappy users. Also, the presence of bugs(in security software more than in any other type of software) inspires lack of confidence. :frowning:

Now for something completely different: IS CFP 3 FINAL GOING TO INCLUDE MORE SKINS? I can see the option to change the theme, but there’s only the default present.