Are there a way remove the "New Tab" publicity thumbnails? (WoT; Alibaba; Sears)

When I open newtab those 3 links to “…” accupy most of the window and the thumbnails of my “most visited websites” appears at the bottom and I can only see the top part of them.
Can I customize or remove those links?

Hello, yomaus normally u can close them by hovering over them with the cursor and wait for the “X” to close them like the Photo attached,if u cannot close them, can u please make a print screen to see how they show up on ur browser, Thank You,

Sadly, those sponsored links are a “feature” of Comodo. More info in their release notes:

You can turn off the sponsored links in the settings under appearance.

EDIT: You can also use an addon to display just a blank page: Blank New Tab Page - Chrome Web Store