Are Frequent Updates Normal?

???Running Comodo Pro For 3 days in succession, I’ve gotten popup saying updates are available. Twice, I’ve downloaded, and rebooted to install them. This time I’m suspicious. Is there a log where I can look to see whether the update has been successful?

There has been two updates recently no this is not normal the last update before these two was over a month ago.
I believe there was a problem with a new feature they included in the first update so they issue a update to cure this problem.
EDIT The problem only occured in new installs so would not effect you.

Again today, immediately after rebooting to install a Vista update, I got a Comodo pop-up saying updates are available. I viewed the details, and it was distributed 5/24. I’m sure I would have installed it by now, but how can I tell? Does Comodo have an installed updates log? ???

See here.

It is some sort of bug. It happens to me at times but before I do anything I come here and check in the “Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News” thread if the latest version there, is the same as the one I have installed and if so then I choose to ignore it.

I believe this is a fixed bug? I could be wrong. There is a new version (Released May 30th), COMODO Firewall Pro

Have you got that latest version? & does the “Updates are available!” message still show up?


I downloaded, but at the end of the install, I got ‘Error 112. Unable to copy file cfp.exe. Please try again’. Now what?

Using the latest version for two days now Josh without any update available popups so far :BNC

I, too, am having difficulty with apparent same update notifications. I have manually checked and downloaded the ‘same’ updates several times? I am running Vista OS and AVG free antivius. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the firewall (current version) and it appears that the updates are being blocked, perhaps AVG and Comodo Firewall incompatibilty issues?

Assistance to correct this problem would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

AVG and Comodo get along fine. What version of Comodo are you using now? Did you try a complete uninstall and reinstall? Not just uninstall and reinstall. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode.

I have installed version which is the current version. I also have the Comodo Memory Firewall installed as well. (which I did not uninstall when I removed the Comodo Firewall Pro with the uninstall program ZSoft Uninstaller, which has appeared to work quite well?)

I have now installed Revo Uninstaller (as per your suggestion and removed ZSoft Uninstaller) and utilized it in advanced mode to remove all traces of both Comodo Firewall Pro and Comodo Memory Firewall. I then downloaded and reinstalled the aforementioned Comodo products.

RESULT: Nothing has changed. When I attempt to update Comodo Firewall Pro, I consistently get the same update message - updates are available! The same problem still exists. ???

If you just downloaded and installed the latest version why are you checking for updates?

Despite the fact that it is the apparent current version, if I manually check for updates, it shows that current updates are available? So??? ???

Try this tutorial on how to uninstall Comodo completely: . It worked for me; I didn’t erase the legacy registry settings though.