Are CD users (still) secure?

There have been quite some Chrome/Chromium releases since the last Dragon update - the latest update, which is important in terms of security came out two days ago (e.g. see Chrome Releases: Stable updates )

so my question is: is it still safe to use the actual CD, which AFAIK is based on Chromium version 33?

I’d love to see an official statement from Comodo about the security status of this ‘security browser’… thanks a lot fot the work in this project! but please also let us know, if it is still an active project, which is really bringing better security and privacy to its users! TIA + BR

There have been a lot of questions about whats going on with Dragon etc. but no official replies on the subject.

yep :frowning: there should be, though… which is, why I think, we must keep asking!

Hi Barough,
The most recent known information is in the link below.
Unsigned developer version of Chromium Secure 36.1 now available for download.

BTW: If it is any consolation, I am still using Dragon and I feel secure doing so with no issues occurring.

Kind regards.

Yes, an updated version of NSS would be welcome, to fix CVE-2014-1568. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Ubuntu, Fedora, Chrome OS and other software that includes NSS have recently been updated.

Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2014-73