Are 3.14 CAV DB updates ended or not?

Can anyone tell me what just happened? I was on CAV DB 5590, then my CIS started doing an apparent full update of its AV database (CIS firewall said it downloaded over 83 MB, took a long time), then it told me to reboot. After reboot, I was on 5560, then I clicked to update the CAV DB, and it churned for maybe 30 seconds, and ended up at 5585, where it is now. Clicking update now says I’m up-to-date.

I’m still on CIS 3.14.130099.587 (Windows XP Media Center Edition, current with all updates), since I tend to not update CIS until they cut off AV updates and I’m forced to. That way, early adopters suffer all the pain while bugs are worked out, and I do not. :slight_smile:

Did someone at Comodo goof up, and they had to roll 5590 back to 5585, and the only way to do that was to push a full update at everyone?

I’m still on 5585, while reported earlier that it was on 5590, now it says it’s on 5593.

I click to update the virus defs in CIS, and I’m told the definitions are current. Well, they’re not. 5585 isn’t 5590, or now, 5593.

Why am I no longer getting updates, after the apparent “full DB reload” down to 5585 earlier today?

Have virus definition updates to 3.14.x ceased? If so, why haven’t I seen an announcement of it here? If not, do I need to delete the DB and let CIS re-download the whole thing?

Anyone else on 3.14.x? Are you getting updates? Is it just me?

Anyone? Thanks.

The AV in v3.x is no longer being updated.
This was announced after the release of v4.

That’s odd, because my 3.x updated just fine until yesterday. So it looks like Comodo turned off v3.x updates yesterday, not when v4 was released months ago.

But, the date really doesn’t matter. The fact remains that the updates are now over, meaning I have to upgrade to v4, so I will. Thanks for the info!

I had my computer turned off for a couple of days, and when I turned it on just now, CIS 3.14 happily updated me from 5585 to 5624, which appears to be the latest CAV DB. Updates now seem to be occurring periodically as usual, and are keeping me current. On 3.14!

What the heck is going on? Are updates to 3.14 ended, or aren’t they? They don’t seem to be!

Updates for the AV of 3.14 are continued until further notice. Eventually it will end but we don’t know when. My guess is that this might be with the coming of v5/CIS 2011 as this will add signatures to aid removal of malware.

But that being said; anybody’s guess is as good as mine here…

Can anybody with 3.14 state what their current av database number is?