ardamax keyloger 3.0 ( FIXED)

A new version is out at *************** (malicious link removed (:m*) ) and it’s not detected as threat. I submitted to camas and is “Not Rated as Suspicious”.

this is report:

With this comercial keylogger, any data could be stolen from other pc, even in trial version. Keylogger can be embeed into any executable via program configuration and can be configured to send via email anything tasted on keyboard, silently, hidden from processes…

Today i encountered another infection with this keyloger, where someone stolen STEAM account, gmail and yahoo messenger pass and accounts( the entire discussion is on softpedia forum but is in romanian language…). I don’t see any sign of detection yet, with last database, after i submitted to CIMA last year on december.


The easiest way is to block it with CIS (firewall AND Defense+)

you can try also A-squared free as they claim to have it in their database :wink:

For manual removal you can try this link (I’m not sure if it work for the new version also though)


I remowe it from that PC with Malwarebytes. Thanks :slight_smile: I encountered ardamax keyloger e few times before and now it easy for me to remove it… Ardamax becomes more popular because it’s easy to download and find a “■■■■■” for fully activate his functionality.

Really sorry for this. send them by mail would be my suggestion as CIMA don’t check for keyloggers that well.
Anyway, Iv’e heard someone sent by mail (latest/fresh versions) of:

Ardamax Keylogger, BlazingTools_Perfect_Keylogger, employee activity monitor, KGB_KeyLogger, Powered_Keylogger, SpyBoss_Pro, Win-Spy Pro, actualspy and solid-key-logger.

Hopefully added soon, As those were sent earlier today…

Lets hope… (:KWL) (:KWL)

I think I’d stay away from the sites you keep downloading from…

For the ones that are able to look in the Malware research board, I created a topic about keyloggers and their download location. I’m not sure why they weren’t added yet…;msg231495#msg231495


Not me i am the one who download that kind of malware that is sold with money. In these days , out there in front of many pc’s there are many “loosers” especially young ones that doesn’t have what to do with their own free time, instead to learn something good to do with a PC…

That’s good to hear! My thoughts exactly.

I have a friend who is continually dealing with some form of malware or another. I keep telling him to stay away from warez sites and p2p downloading, but he’s convinced he knows what he’s doing… He’s not young or particularly stupid, I guess he just finds the concept of getting expensive software for free impossible to resist, no matter how often I tell him to just pay the money and help the developers out.

I know people who use cracks for security software :o How secure can that be :-X

Greetz, Red.

pretty secure, depends on the source you get it from, (btw, serialsare harmless,) but that

80 % of all cracks contains malware. And serials are harmless yes, but most serial generators not …

Greetz, Red.

Finally detection for this keyloger has been aded. Detection is for installer content( keyloger files) not for intaller itself.

Which comodo program will detect/remove this?