April 2011 Validation Problems

I couldn’t agree with Serenade more. After this hacker business the last couple of weeks all validation policies changed overnight. Nobody from Comodo reached out to their partners to explain what would be required and basically left the company I work for in a bind. Every time I contacted the validation team I got different requirements. I was asked for certain information and provided it only to be told to go back and provide more information. To top it off once I satisfied the last validation rep I was told that they didn’t have authority to issue it. They had ‘to wait for a superior’. However that meant that I have to wait until Monday morning. Every person I talked to asked for something different and no one gave straight answers.

Everytime I asked if there was documentation listing what requirements needed to met I got nothing back. No one could answer that simple question. You need to get your act together Comodo. Your support stinks. Reference Order 10245491. Look at the chats I opened up and the emails we sent. Also, no one answered my chats 4/2/2011 beginning at 9 PM EDT. Terrible.

Hey and welcome to comodo forums gs_user!

Could you make a thread here at the forums and see if members can help

Valentin N

Your members cannot help you. Only Comodo can fix the terrible support.

Trure give the forum a chance and see if that solve your problem

Your response makes me wonder if you even read my post. Do you honestly think another member could help?

Hi Serenade,

You are LUCKY… you just wait for two days… I waited for three weeks…
and yes everytime what they do is asking for more document… and gues what… when I call 2062036361 option number 4 and then option number 2
The validation team said that they haven’t received any of the documents that I sent…

and everytime I reply the email from evdocs[at]comodo.com I will get a new ticket number…
I think if they validating by ticket number that are generated this way… they will chasing ghost… one customer can be assumed as many replies the customer made and they are validating easch ghost customer while actually there is only a few of them… :D:D:D:D ;D

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Valentin members cannot do anything in some cases and this is one of the cases that only comodo support can help.

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Please understand that due to the recent incident Comodo has had to take some extreme measures to ensure the security of our systems and the integrity of our CA. Some of these changes have simply involved modifications to our general practices, while others require modifications to system code which are still underway. Obviously this has had an impact on our day to day operations and work load. We understand that many of our customers and partners have been adversely impacted by this situation. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work hard behind the scenes to continue to offer a secure and reliable SSL infrastructure to our clients.