Approximately 2000 blocked connections to from a single IP

Hi all,

I need help to solve a problem that’s very weird… Comodo’s been blocking 2000 connections from to for some reason I don’t even know, well, I even suspected of a massive DDoS attack(But the incoming and outgoing ports are 0).

I have read about on the internet. Apparently, it is related to the uPnP service. In fact, it’s a multicast IP. And i’ve read about too. I think it’s a local IP, like the router and the computer ones. But i can’t trace it’s origin to a file and/or service, which makes me powerless to stop the problem. I’ve disabled the logging temporarily(hence the disk would be consumed of so many logs written!). I’ve even tried to refresh the computer to no avail, as you can see in the screenshots. I suspect that the OS is trying to comunicate with some service, however I can’t get more details about that. Any help is welcome.

P.S - The connections are UDP uPnP(?), if that can help something. Here’s the two prints of the problem:!ecQLpeZ!XTVuAnDFLwAsbBVajMvwZkCGD7IAHeSm1EMfIOhP!dZLXP0P!sDVAGnYwtKaGFbM5wXOD7QmnT6U7IvcFePXQGBbr

Thanks in the advance.

Isn’t necessary worries. It is not DDos attack.
You watch subjects.;msg701933#msg701933 - is Multicast Reserved and vital for network communication. Please read up on Google about it. The best option is to simply create a Network Zone called Multicast Reserved and add the IP4 range of - and allow a program access to the network zone when they’re requesting access to the Multicast Reserved IPs.

Other Network Zones should be created for Link-Local ( - and 6to4 Relay AnyCast ( - Google each and read upon on them and it will offer information everyone should know when using a home network, as all are vital to network communication between multiple devices.