Approve specific global hook for all apps from alert [4.1.x.920 x32]

Quite a few utility applications (eg Actual Window Manager need to hook into all executables to function.

It is tedious to approve these for each executable individually and users find it difficult to work out how to create a rule to approve them for all executables. (You need to create an exception rule for hook protection for the specific hook in the all executables group, so quite obscure!!!). It even more irritating to have to approve them for all auto-sandboxed executables which are supposed to have pretty much NO alerts!

A simple choice on the D+ global hooks alert to ‘Allow this (specific) hook for all executables’, qualified by ‘Do not select this unless you are absolutely sure the hook is safe’ would resolve this problem. The option would simply create the rule which users find so difficult to create manually

NB this is also a way the ‘Silence of the Sandbox’ could be significantly enhanced.