Applying VE to a newly introduced Browser

Greetings all,

I am sure the subject was discussed previously as I remember
Please just point to the case if such does exist
… I’m just having busy schedule now…

I’m helping my friend now who was unfortunate enough to get the laptop with Win 7 x64 ■■■■ preinstalled.

I installed Comodo firewall there and Avira Antivirus… cleaned a bit of unnecessary preinstalled stuff & things

All is working fine for a few months or so already we may say.

… but after some recent MS patches (as I can see it, since he never installing anything new without consulting me) the IE8 (whether it’s 64bit or 32bit) all of a sudden hangs usually after Reboot and few min of working.

If you leave the PC for 5-7 min doing nothing or so IE will be back to normal life

It sometimes reporting no connection and then “the tab was recovered” & stuff
Sure the connection is fine during those “hangovers”

So I did install Firefox there and that one does not have any problems whatsoever
You can browse until IE will come alive again.

Sure he decided to drop IE completely and use the Fox

After that long preamble my question is:

Since VE is installed there and worked perfectly in IE8 when that misery is breathing
should he just repeat VE installation over so the Fox will pick up VE add-on or it is advisable to uninstall VE first and reinstall

I would test all that myself, but I have no access to that PC all the time and definitely I am not going to work with any win7 ■■■■ especially x64

Your advice regarding VE is appreciated so I can guide my friend over the phone


“should he just repeat VE installation over so the Fox will pick up VE add-on” Yes :-TU

Step 2 Add/ Remove Components
Step 3 Choose Browsers

Easy Peasy O0


Thanks for reply, Bad Frogger

Yes, that would be the case… but with “If”

Thing is that currently the Portable Fox was installed there (on hard drive)
The list of choices in this case when adding via rerunning the installer leaves only IE as an active one ; others are dimmed … sure the VE installer cannot see the Fox

which brings 2 thoughts probably for the Wish List:

  1. there could be “browsing for the browser”, so to speak if the location is not default;

  2. it would be nice to have a separate Add-on
    (all needed add-ons were installed for the portable the standard way)

At this stage I will most likely remove the portable and perform normal default Fox installation
Will report back as soon I will have a chance to do that


thing happen as expected: after installing normal hard core porn …
wrong… that was Bad!
I mean… the hard drive default version of “Foxy Lady” Free mpeg/wmv movies and pictures of Foxy Lady. … Foxy Lady @ Online Stars Foxy Lady @ Porn Chix Movies

Bad again !

I mean… the default installation of non-portable (not the non-pornable!) FireFox on hard drive and running VE Installer - the Fox option came alive and now it is working fine with the Fox as well

Yeah ! right eventually I formulated that - that’s the Good news.

The only problem I am experiencing currently with VE - is a very frequent failures to connect and VE[rify], which is Bad

Cheers, Bad, have a Good one!