Apply Rules

I’ve noticed some “interesting” “feature” :slight_smile:

When Firewall (or D+ - it dosn’t matter) in SAFE, CLEAN PC or TRAINING MODE, we have such issue:

I’m opening Rules Window, Editing some rules, at the same time Comodo learning some new rules, I’m clicking Apply and… all rules that Comodo was learning between start of Editing and clicking Apply, of course, absolutely forgoted by Comodo.

CPU 2.8 Pentium 4 HT 32-bit
Win XP SP2 32-bit
Comodo CIS w/o Antivirus, NOD32 2.7.39

You mean interesting in that when you manually edit rules, it overwrites -everything- rather than performing a selective update?

Sorry for my “English” - it isn’t my native language, so I may do mistakes in explanations.

Let’s look at situatuion:
I have some application with some rules. Firewall is set to Safe Mode. I try to edit some rule for the application (for example editing “Any IP” to “IP range”), but at the same time Firewall learns new rules for this application. So when I click on “Apply” I have only that rules, wich were before Editing + Edited by me rule. And no one of new learned rules there.
In other words:
we have rules “1” and “2” for some application. I’m starting to edit rule “2”. At the same moment Firewall learns rules “3” and “4”. When I finish to edit I click on “Apply”. So at final stage I have rules “1” and “Edited 2”, but “3” and “4” are lost.

I have always had this problem if you get a alert and answer anything you have changed is not saved I have to click apply before answering the alert also applys to Defence+
I presume because of the way the rules are saved in the registry

I clearly understand the reason of such behaviour.
It’s only “half-problem” when you have been alerted (so you can answer a little bit later, after applying)
But if it’s in Training or Safe Mode (or ClearPC for D+ ) ? COMODO learns new rules and you loose them =)

So may be it’s like a wish to ComodoTeam - improve such behaviour ?
It is a wide-application “bug”, because it is connected to everyone “window” in Comodo - oppened “window” doesn’t updating. Event Log also doesn’t have “live update” option, so it’s impossible to have “real-time” view of Log.

Sorry I should have been more specific.
I posted as example meaning I have a choice in Paranoid Mode you have no such choice in Safe Mode.
No alert the rule is learned.

I think it’s not a bug, it’s a feature