"Apply" button in "Advanced Settings" window [M1941]

  1. What actually happened or you saw:
    When you edit your preference, it apply only after you press “OK” button.
    “Advanced settings” window close after this.

  2. What you wanted to happen or see:
    I want have “Apply” button for avoid close “Advanced settings” window.

  3. Why you think it is desirable:
    If you want to continue fix rule sets, you need press “OK” and then open “Advanced settings” window again.
    It is annoying.


Not at all sure this would be possible as the rules are stored in the registry.

At the very minimum it would require a refresh of the screen you have open.

The problem I have had in the past if manually altering the rules in Advanced settings, and during this I receive a alert does not matter which Firewall or Defense+ which I saved, all alterations I have done are not saved after this even though I press the OK button.

I presume any alteration to the registry through alert or manually, resulting in any changes done makes your current open screen become invalid, thereby any further changes are classed as invalid and refused.

I presume this all done to preserve the validity of the registry.


A good idea
It would be enough to make the settings valid after clicking OK, the rules for creating windows.

+1 :-TU

Where is the poll? I want to vote this wish. Thanks

+1 :-TU

This is an old thread, but it’s something worth implementing still. An apply function is good when troubleshooting problems with hips and sandbox rules, and saves time from having to open the window all over again every time a user makes a small change.


it happens to me that i want to test what i just set and then i have to reopen the settings again. Apply button would help.