Application tries to communicate AFTER I closed it


Comodo is warning me that a file recovery program (FinalRecovery- Trial Version) has modified the user interface of the parent application explorer.exe by sending special windows messages…

I did a ctrl-alt-delete and the final recovery program is not listed. Is this something i should worry about? Is there a way to find out exactly what is being sent/received?.. ok folks thanks very much.


Welcome to the forum.
It is a known issue with CF that they are working on.
No need to worry…
Don’t tick the remember box if you suspect it to be a closed program like you had.
If you click deny and the program that is being used is your browser, you wont be able to use it. If you have this problem, try to restart your browser and /or your firewall.
I click allow without remember if I recognize the program. It wont create a rule in application monitor if you don’t tick remember.