Application Monitor - No Source IP ?

Hi all,

I have a question about the Application monitor.
Why can’t we specify a Source IP in an application rule ?

I’m asking because, from what I understand, Firefox needs to establish an inbound connection from
localhost( Since I can’t specify the Source IP in an application rule, I have to create a rule that allow inbound connections from anywhere. Moreover, I cannot specify a destination port in this rule because Firefox seems to never use the same port…
This seems a little to wide open for me.

Is there a way to thighen this or am I seing problems where there isn’t any ?


Hi Gus and Welcome to the comodo forums, once firefox is listed in the apps monitor, highlight it and hit edit. There are all the option to specify IP’s there… For source IP’s you can do this under the Network Monitor… Hope this helps…

If you are concerned about Firefox being accessible by any Inbound IP, don’t be… COF would never let that happen ;D