Application Monitor Blocks Everything!

When I first boot up CPF works fine and internet browsing is allowed. But after about half an hour it suddenly decides to block everything - with no warning. I just suddenly get DNS errors. In the logs I can see under Application Monitor “Application Access Denied (firefox.exe:…) etc”

When I untick Application Monitor I can browse again.

Why does this happen? How do I stop it?


What do you mean by untick Application monitor? I don’t see any thing that can be tick (there is no check box). Can you be more specific or even better, post a Screenshot.

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Sorry - it’s a radio button not a tick box.

From the Summary window I click on Application Monitor under Security Monitoring and then a window with a section called Application Control Rules is displayed. It has two radio buttons Turn On and Turn Off. When I click on Turn Off - I can browse again.

Sometimes when I block (w/o using the remember option) something that opens my browser, I can’t use this browser for a while. But ater a restart of my pc everything works fine. So try a restart of your pc, maybe it helps.

That’s odd, did you make sure that the Firefox was allowed to connect to the Intenet. As tDj said try restarting. If it does not work, you can either try posting a ScreenShot of the page or send an e-mail to Comodo.

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Thats not possible. Check your rules. Delete all firefox rules if necessary.

Definitely IS possible. I’m getting exactly the same symptoms but with IE 7 instead of Firefox. I deleted all iexplore rules. No joy. Rebooting solves the problem but only for a while. You shouldnt have to reboot your PC all the time to clear blocks from Comodo on apps that shouldn’t have been blocked in the first place. I am however going to start a new thread with more detail as the issue is regarding a different app.