application monitor and component monitor

my application monitor and component monitor are turned off and won’t let me turn them on. i have uninstalled and re-installed comodo firewall but still have the same problem. how can i fix this?

Hi deano, welcome to the forums.

Since you have re-installed CFP without success, this type of behavior is typical of a low level conflict (usually driver related) between CFP & something else. Have you installed or updated any security software recently? Have you ever had CFP running successfully or is this an initial install issue?

Other things… please confirm your OS & which version of CFP you are running. Include what other security related software that you have installed (installed is the important bit, it doesn’t matter if it disabled or not). Thanks.

i have had cfp running succesfully until we switched from adsl to cable. i currently run comodo anti virus and boclean. my operating system is windows 2000.

Hmm… well moving from ADSL to Cable might cause issues with things like DHCP & UPnP (general connectivity issues), depending on the Cable Modem/Router. But, it shouldn’t really cause the sort of problem you’re seeing & I’m not aware of any existing issues like this. Did you need to install any software with your Cable connection?

Are there any clues in CFPs Log (Activity tab) or Windows Event Logs relating to this?

Can you confirm, using the Task Manager (or your favorite process viewer), that both CMDAGENT.EXE (CFPs Service) & CPF.EXE (CFPs UI) are running on start-up.

Also, just to confirm… asides from CFP, CAVS & CBOC, you have no other security software installed?

I have exactly same issue.

Answering your questions:

  1. CFP activity log - no comments at all
  2. Event log - no red marks
  3. no other firewall - except windows firewall - which is off
  4. 802.1 authentication is off.
  5. CMDAGENT is NOT runing*************** (when looking at task manager processes)
  6. CPF is running
  7. f-prot AV running (latest version)

any help appreciated.

help…pretty please

Hi smarkgee, sorry didn’t mean to ignore you. Couldn’t see you back there in 2007. :wink:

Do you really have CFP 2.4? What OS are you running? CFP been OK previously? Installed a new hardware or software recently? Anything quarantined recently? Any recent manual detections of… well anything really? Any recent BSODs? Windows/driver updates?

Does your version of CFP have a Repair function on Miscellaneous tab?

Dizzy… too many questions. ;D If CMDAGENT is not running (which is not a good sign), then usually something either broke or disabled it, or one of its drivers.