Application Control Rules?

I’ve been using Comodo Pro firewall now for around a month with no probs, however recently I’m having trouble with apps disappearing from the “Application Control Rules” list resulting in warning pop up alerts whenever I open these apps. In particular Outlook.exe & Yahoo Messenger.exe are proving troublesome. Despite ticking relevant boxes to tell Comodo to allow these apps, they are not present in app list, I’ve tried adding them manually to the list, but when I re-open list they’ve gone again. I’ve also tried un-installing & re-installing Comodo, which cured the problem for about 2 hours, but now it’s back. VERY irritating (:AGY)

No easy way to solve this. Expecially with these scarce infos.
You should file a ticket with Comodo tech support.

but if you feel geekish you can look into it using process monitor.