Application and network monitor rules [Resolved]

Isn’t a system restore point the same thing?

System restore is only a very basic restoring program. All it does is just revert back drivers and installation of programs. If you have modified certain rules or files, System Restore won’t do anything to them. The best way is to create a Ghost, though the program needed will require some money. :wink:

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Ok, now that I’ve updated from beta to beta my default “Network Control Rules” in beta are different from the ones in beta were.

For beta I added the following to use utorrent:

Bittorent A mini tuttorial of how to open ports for bittorent and similar p2p programs Go at the "Network Monitor" panel and add the following rule

Rule for TCP/UDP protocol

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP or UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = your IP adress (or “Any” )
Source port = Any
Remote port = the port your bittorent program uses for the TCP/UDP connections

Remember to add this rule before the blocking rule(BLOCK IP IN FROM IP ANY TO IP ANY WHERE IPPROTO IS ANY). Because the network rules are searched from top to bottom.

Now while the rule location emphasized above in bold was meaningful beta is isn’t meaningful in beta now. Any Idea which location the above bittorrent rule should be at in beta Below is a screencap of my default rules.

Should I put it just before rule #4:
Moving the default rule #4 to rule #5?

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Exactly correct! Bit Torrent rule becomes rule 4 and “Block All” rule becomes rule 5.

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That is true except that in security programs as the threats advance in sophistication so must the protection provided by the security apps. And of course one may wonder whether at least some portion of the threats are generated by the publishers of the security apps to enhance product sales. This presumably would not apply to Comodo who do not charge for their products.

Thx panic, I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t opening myself up. I’m not very network rule savy, nor app rule savy for that matter either. :slight_smile:

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We learn by asking. :wink:

“The wisest man knows that he does not know everything.”

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