Application Agent turned off

I denied a program from running. It was called rtbyf.ohk. When I denied it , my Application Agent shurt off. I think this is a Trojan Horse virus because when I delete it it comes back in the same place about 5 seconds later. I cannot access my system restore and I cannot open a command window normally. I downloaded a command window unhooker from Symantec but even that cannot open a command window. I want to turn the application Agent back on. How do I do this. I also would like to remove the virus but cannot even do the first steps of turning off the restore and then opening a command window to clean my Registry , Sys.ini and Win.ini.

So first how to turn the application agent back on?
Second , how to get rid of the virus

thanks in advance for any help

Start with What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.2 and see if that helps or not.

superanti sprware will not update. It asks me to check the firewall but the firewall is not running.

Do the other programs get updated?