Application access denied

I have not been informed of this connection yet Comodo firewall is blocking iexplorer.exe (under application analysis) from connecting to Dns(53)) when I checked the ip on a website it said it belonged to RIPE Network Coordination Centre in Amsterdam. It shows as a high risk, is this an attack from my computer as it is a UDP out and if so how come my Avast Antivirus hasn’t detected anything or Ad-aware for that matter

I really appreciate any help you can give me thanks

Could you post CFPs Log (Activity tab) entry for this alert? Thanks.

Hi mate it has since not come up again instead it said Svchost.exe was sending 79bytes to the above ip address, why is svchost.exe communicating with RIPE this is their address I found by looking their ip address up

RIPE is a massive network carrier… large DNS databases, etc. But, I really need to see CFPs Log entry… without it, I would just be guessing.

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