Apple users, don't use Camino for enrollment

Hi All,
Spent a couple of hours troubleshooting installing enrollment/importing Comodo’s Secure Email certificate.

After going through the motions I found that I was not able to sign/encrypt my mail using the
Give-away was that I did not see the expected icons in the ‘new mail’ window.

At first I used Camino as browser during the enrollment and download of the certificate. Once I imported the certificate, It did NOT land in ‘my certificates’. Consequently Mail has no clue that I there is a certificate for it.

I then revoked my certificate, and enrolled for a new one, but now using Safari as web browser.
This time the enrollment/downloading and importing went without a hitch.

So the bottom line is: Use Safari to go through the process of obtaining Comodo’s Secure Email certificate.

Be safe,

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Hi Hoot,

Welcome to the forums!
And thanks for reporting so other users don’t have to run in to this issue :-TU