App Being Blocked - How To Clear

Since PDF24 updated, Comodo seems to be blocking it from working by containing the .json command file that is created in AppData\Local\temp\PDF24 every time I try to merge PDF files. I have tried unblocking the blocked files but, because the file name is different each time (only the extension .json remains the same) it still blocks it from working on the next occasion. PDF 24 have suggested instructing Comodo not to block the PDF Toolbox app but I cannot find a way to do that. Can anyone assist please.

Hi Tinkerer,

Thank you for reporting.

  1. May i know your CIS version & win version along with system bit type ?
  2. Are you installed any other security software other than CIS ?
  3. Provide the PDF24 official download page and PDF24 version.
  4. And may i know your hips setting whether it is in (safemode/paranoidmode/Trainingmode)
  5. kindly provide us the log for further investigation follow the below guidelines
    1. Open CIS.
    2. Click advanced view and select logs option
    3. then you could see the log list then click on filter by date and time option and select “Current week”
    4. Save the marked events in your desktop(Refer the attached pic log.jpeg

      ) and attach the logs here so that we will check and update you.