Apologies for keeping you waiting... CESM 3.0 final

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Great job, Michel.
Could you please include a change log?

forget about how powerful CESM is…everyone should be using it cos its ■■■■ Sexy!!! Its the Apple of endpoint security…

Congrats on the release, so this has comodo endpoint security in the installer? or is it going to be a separate release?


Thanks for the link. Currently downloading it.

BTW, why is the download so slow ? For me it does not exceed 70 Kbps…

So, you like Apple? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !ot!

Android. :smiley:

Neither Apple nor Android nor Metro - ours is better, sexier, sleeker



I agree completely.

One question…

I understand that I can install an Agent through the local network when the Endpoints are located in that same local network. How about computers that are not in the local network, that are moving all the time.

Can I deploy the Agent from the Console somehow, or I must manually install the Agent first at the Endpoint?

is there an upgrade path from 2.1

Do all agents have to be reinstalled or if same address and port is used they will attach themselves ?

Hi w-e-v,

If the ESM host can access the remote machine with permissions to upload to it and install on it then yes, you can deploy directly (of course the target machines would need to be publicly accessible through a firewall though)

It is probably more efficient to upload the offline-installer agent to CCloud and get the remote users to run the file locally though - please make sure your ESM server is publicly accessible AND that you have put the ESM server’s public IP in the ESM Configuration Tool “Main Settings” > “Server Network Addresses” before you build the offline installer.


Hi del_messaging,

This release should not be used for upgrading (we are still double-checking that nothing will go wrong during the upgrade as ESM 2.0 and 2.1 used SQL CE whereas ESM 3.0 uses SQL Express 2012).

We willl be releasing the ESM 3.0 “Upgrade” pack in the next 2 weeks or so, please bear with us while we make sure it works as it should.

If you are in a hurry to get to use ESM 3, there are freeware SQL CE to SQL Express conversion tools so you could export your SQL CE data, install ESM 3 with the SQL Express database, stop the ESM 3 service and use SQL Management Studio to restore your exported SQL CE data. Please do this BEFORE you allow your endpoints to start writing data to the new SQL Express db though.

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Congrats with the new release. I added some extra information to the title…

“M” is missing at the end… :wink:

cesM 3.0

Thx and fixed… :slight_smile:

I cant deploy to another computer. cannot access to the remote computer’s service manager.

We have active directory and I cant deploy. i tried any method.

Hi mangkaw,

quick look at the basics…

  1. Is the target’s firewall off?
  2. Is the target’s UAC disabled?
  3. Is file and printer sharing enabled on the target?
  4. Can you access the target’s Admin$ share from the server?
  5. From the target, can you telnet to port 9901 on the ESM server?
  6. Please see if the following registry key
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy is set to «1»;
  7. Does the ESM server user have local/domain administrative privileges on the target?

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I can remote the computer but I cant deploy the CES. It said fatal Error !!


I am going to ask my support guys to get in touch with if that is OK so that they can see what is happening.

Expect a PM in you personal forum inbox soon.