apologies for 45 announcement

Hi all!

First of all, I’d like to say sorry. I thought and even checked it on my list that I have made announcement for v45. But seems, I missed it or smth else.

It’s all my fault. Sorry! But 46 is coming soon!

What’s new?

  • Firefox code base has been updated to 45
  • We are getting much faster in catching up code base

URL: http://download.comodo.com/icedragon/update/icedragonsetup.exe


Sorry again and thank you for your all feedback for COMODO Browsers! We have collected all of your feedbacks and created a list of improvements and new features. We really appreciate all of your contributions to provide you a great browser.


Comodo Ice Dragon Team

Edit: I changed the file hashes. Eric

- We are getting much faster in catching up code base
;D :-TU

I believe the checksums are for v44…

Thank you for the release topic Serkan.

I updated them. :slight_smile:

Is there somewhere I can re-download v.44?
This new update (45) is giving exactly the same 64-bit error messages on my 32-bit XP machine as the 45 auto-update did. I’ve lost an hour trying to fix this, and the 64-bit error pops up every time I start Icedragon now.

If I can’t revert back to 44, I’ll have to bin Icedragon completely. It’s a shame, it used to support XP ok.

At Filehorse: Comodo IceDragon Internet Browser Download for Windows / Old Versions / FileHorse.com .

On a side note. It never ceases to surprise that people don’t keep installers but rather download them from the web when needed. I always keep them just in case.

Thanks for that, I have 44 running again and stable, no 64-bit error messages.

I did keep the v.44 installer but alas, it was accidentally overwritten. It would perhaps help if the version number was included in the filename, such as ‘icedragonv45setup.exe’ or perhaps an archive of prior versions kept on the product website, but that’s probably just me trying to shut the door after the horse has bolted. I’ve now added it myself to my own archive copy, to prevent it happening again.

You only really notice these problems when an automatic update screws the pooch, as the last two have for me (with the same error, too). I’ve switched auto-update off, and will need to be in a good mood before attempting a manual update again.

Comdo IceDragon v released.