apache2: localhost works, virtual hosts don't


i have quite a big problem with using comodo firewall and my apache2 server used locally for development (no production serving) with several virtual hosts. i browsed the comodo forum, but i did get any relevant answer that solved my problem…

so. i installed comodo firewall version 2.4 (default options selected while installing) on my notebook with win xp home sp2. my apache is configured for several virtual hosts, so my system32/drivers/etc/hosts file is modified to account for these virtual hosts like: localhost dev-portal-1 dev-portal-2

when i browse localhost (http://localhost), everything works properly. problem is, when i try to access a virtual host (other than http://localhost), i get the “this page cannot be displayed” message. if i kill comodo firewall, all my local virtual host pages are accessible and work properly.

is there any idea, how to solve this problem?
thanks in advance for your suggestions

as far as i know, ComodoAntivirus interferes with apache2.
had the same issue and (unfortunately, since i really appreciate comodo’s work and products) had to uninstall CAV and use some other product.

seems to be a layer problem, at least according to what i’ve found so far in other forums.
i don’t have the addresses any more but a google search for “apache high cpu time” might help;
to be honest i’m quite surprised that your server starts at all…