Apache Open Office 4.1.0 (portable) is at every start reported as ...

… unknown and therefore isolated and/or run in sandbox, even though I have repeatedly marked the program as reliable. Very annoying.

Any advice?
G. Henry

No problem.
I believe it the free license and has no signature.
Therefore blocks.
You can move the file to the entrusted.

But that’s exactly the problem - I KNOW that it’s trustworthy and have repeatedly marked it as such - yet comodo keeps isolating it and transferring it to the sandbox — each time the program is revoked!

1- Find the isolated software into Unrecognized list
2- Move it to the “Trusted Files” and after this, important part here : click the “OK” button at bottom.
3- Go and clean the sandbox (refresh it)

With this way, you will not see any pop-up from the clean app. By the way you can report this kind of isolated application to whitelisting team.
In this post, you will learn how to report the issue. Basically, they do the all this job for you.


I’ve already done ALL that (including clicking the OK button), several times, without success. Comodo keeps isolating the software (X-ApacheOpenOffice_4.1.0_rev4 Portable) and sending it to the sandbox.

Can you give me the file via PM ?


Don’t know if this helps…could be an issue if it is installed on a USB stick…I have had similar issues with Comodo regarding unrecognized files on a USB stick. I am no computer expert but what I believe was happening to me was the following:

  • Comodo Isolates the program
  • I would tell Comodo to treat file as trusted, don’t isolate again etc.
  • program works.
  • remove USB stick
  • Put USB stick back in computer
  • Try to run the program
  • Isolates the program

I think that Comodo may have an issue with applying and saving rules for unrecognized files on a removable drive.

  1. Yigido: What is ‘PM’? And: the ZIP file has over 240 MB…

  2. Bitterboy: No, the program runs on the system disk, not on a removable drive.

Hey Yigido: You mean I can/should include the file as an attachment?

If adding the file to the trusted files list doesn’t work then the next step is trying to add it to the exclusions for the behavior blocker (Sandbox) to do that you can watch my video here however the relevant part starts at 2:18 just so you know. If you for whatever reason don’t want to or can’t watch the video then don’t hesitate to ask for written instructions.

PM : Personal Message :slight_smile:

Thanks Sanya, this visual explanation is better than all words :-TU

Message repeated:

  1. Yigido: What is ‘PM’? And: the ZIP file has over 240 MB…

  2. Bitterboy: No, the program

Note: The procedure described in the last Yigido message worked for Open Office. However, the problem re-occurs with other software (e.g. scanner software). Appears to be a general issue unrelated to OO and is rather unnerving…

Apparently CIS have troubles “trusting” files with big filesize… I have similar issue, but with other program (150 mb executabe).

I doubt its a file size problem, especially since installer exe’s extract their contents, which is made of many smaller archives and exe’s. For OO it actually has multiple installers, one extracts the installer setup files to a directory of your choice, very similar in nature to Microsoft office cache. Then the actual setup installer is run, hence 2 popups for one installer.