will the new virus scaner work with apache with out useing up the cpu???
I use apache becoz my computer runs faster with it. And takes some of the load off of svchost witch i have 5 runing in task manager.

I do have your firewall in my computer and it is the best that i have used.
i have no virus scaner in my computer but do have a-squared Free, ewido anti-spyware, Spybot - Search & Destroy, SpywareBlaster thats from some spyware that i had in my system if one does not get it one of them will (:WIN)

p.s did not have the hall.dll file problem

Just registered to let you know that this is happening to my system aswell. XP SP2
This is on beta
Started to go badly on the ‘safe list’ thing creation. The system seemed to hang an awful lot when scanning jpeg files. Took maybe 30 secs for an average size picture or longer in some cases. After about 45 mins of this I aborted the proceedure and by this point my system was running so badly that I had to uninstall CAVS.
What I thought was strage at least was that it wasn’t CAVS that was actually eating all the CPU cycles. It was other applications (Opera web browser, MSN messenger, etc) that ate all the cycles.

Hope this is of some use. I’ll perhaps post this in the beta forum too…