AOL & Comodo [Resolved]

Hello Newbie here AKA joeblue.
Trying to decide if to take on comodo,and have been having a look at the forum,which is very intresting,however i am not very well up on the Tech matters and tho i have looked both on here and AOL nowhere can i find any observation on compatability between them,Anyone know. Thank you Joe

Joeblue, welcome to the forum.

I don’t have any AOL products, but I’ve yet to see any reported incompatibilities with Comodo Firewall. Exactly which AOL program did you refer to?

Soya Thanks for that,i am on AOL Broadband using wireless connection thro a router,Joe

Oh you mean your internet service provider (ISP) is AOL. I thought you meant AOL antivirus or the chat program. It doesn’t matter what ISP you have. A firewall isn’t discriminatory (:LGH).

I run AOL 9.0 & Comodo firewall with no problems.

Thank you all very much,most helpful.Sorry soya i was not explicit.Joe

Just a quick note… AOL 9 when you open it initially will show - “Firewall: Not Installed” next to it. This is because AOL doesn’t recognize every firewall only the big names but it still works fine and your still protected. You’ll have a fair amount of AOL communicating through OLE messages just click remember and Allow the CPF pop-ups will get fewer and fewer.

Welcome to Comodo!

Eric,thank you very helpful and just the stuff i need,I shall be installing comodo today or tomorrow and will let you know how i go on,i have read the installation manual and that seems ok,so i shall go for it.Joe

One last note… Just do the “automatic installation” when you install it so I sets up the network rules properly. Once you’ve restarted go into SECURITY>>>TASKS and Scan for all known applications. Then click on Add/Remove Modify Zone and add the IP Address of your router if you use one. It’s usually Lastly, click on DEFIND A NEW TRUSTED NETWORK and select the one you’ve just added in the drop down menu.

I’d suggest restarting at that point and then that’s it, you’re being protected. Do ensure all other Firewall software is uninstalled before all of this, of course. You might check out Comodo BOClean. It’s due to come out on Tuesday! It’s a really good addition and doesn’t slow down your system at all. Basically it stops Trojans and malware and spyware from running and removes it before it even has a chance to infect your system.

Any questions just post them in here. Everyone is quite helpful.


just to let you good people know that with your help i installed CPF and so far ( 3days)no probs,Thanks again.Joe

Thanks for updating us with your experience, Joe. This topic is now closed. Should any problems arise, you may open a new one.