aol active virus shield vs comodo av

Just wondered which and why you think is the best out of these antivirus programs at the moment

For now, Its AOL Active Virus shield because it has more signatures than CAVS. Thus, better detection rates. CAVS is also a bit buggy right now but for sure the Comodo team will get through this at the end of the day. :slight_smile:

The comodo team has the heart to provide all of us the best FREE protection unlike AOL! All we have to do is to help them (i.e. look for bugs and send suspicious items to the team).


Right now, the AOL AV is built on the Kaspersky engine, which is supposed to be pretty good. However, this engine doesn’t play very well with a number of firewall applications, and causes numerous problems along those lines for some users. Not all users, though…

CAV is growing strongly. With its combination of scan engine and HIPS, it’s probably the malware-stopping equal of most any application. Something to keep in mind, regarding definition files… a lot of AVs boast huge numbers of definitions, but these may be largely old and somewhat out-dated, and covered by newer definitions. Thus, the number may end up being somewhat irrelevant. Now, to what AVs this might apply, I don’t know. I do know that CAVS’ definitions are very current; they don’t have 20-year old virus dats running around in there.

Now that Comodo owns BOClean, they will in the near future be adding 10+ years of collected virus information to the CAVS repetoire, which will greatly boost its detection capabilities. Keep your eyes peeled!


Any news on when comodo anti virus will be official and not beta?

Not really. As I understand it, they are planning to release a beta of the new version, possibly sometime later this summer. I know they are working on new developments for the scan engine, and are including aspects of BOClean in it as well. They’re pretty excited about it, that’s for sure.

That’s about all I know…


Thanks for the reply. I didnt know it was that far off. Sounds like it might not even launch this year. Kinda in a bind right now. AVS (aol active virus shield) is no more now. They have gone with Mcafee. And imo AVS was the best freebie av out there. Can you suggest me another really good one? I really wanted Comodos since I love boclean and cpf so much. But we know how that situation is right now. Im hearing Avira is really good? The only thing is. The freebie doesnt scan email. Looking for something that plays nice with cpf and boclean. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. (:KWL)

Don’t know how good it is, but PC Tools has a free AV that has an email scanning module (separate download; once installs it integrates with the rest of the program). Not only does it scan standard ports, but you can define additional ports (for instance if you use SSL authentication).

Avast HE! (also free) has email scanning to some extent or other. I think it has a pretty good reputation.

Clam AV is also free and does email scanning. The downside there is that there’s no on-access/real-time protection.

Hope that helps,


PS: Sorry to hear that AOL has changed; I think that probably was one of the best freebies. Perhaps they got tired of people complaining that it wouldn’t work with their firewall…

Go to this site:

It will give you the antivirus results as of May.

Let me know if you want me to email you a copy of AOL Active Virus Shield.
I don’t know if it will be legal or not.

yeah i’m pretty mad AOL droped Karpersky, i liked that you could set it to turn your PC off after a scan. I hope Comodo has that in it’s ner version. I’m using their friewall and it ok and a new version is coming in 90 days i hear with the antivirus in 30 to 60.

spyware terminator ( got integrated clam AV and can be used for realtime shield and on access scanning.

In case you’ve never tried Avira free, you might really like this one.

It does lack an e-mail scanner, but I don’t think you really need one.
It will scan any attachement you are trying to open, so what’s the reason for an e-mail scanner? You might have catched it: None, really.

You can get it here:

And just in case you don’t know what to do, here’s the help file:

interested in it’s detection rate?

(it’s necessary to mention that the detection rate shown here relates to the “Premium” version, but it’s about the same as the free version, with adware/spyware functions and (crappy) firewall missing in the freebie, well we don’t need them in our AV, do we? There’s other progs who do that better for free…)

Sometimes there’s problems with the update servers, but remember, it’s free, and there’s a good forum, frequently visited, over there… No problem with me

aol active shield. Kaspersky has great detection, but if you want the full kaspersky power get KAV 7.0