i was wonderring if I could download the previous version of CFP3 before the recent update that slowed my quad core system to a crawl.
I loved comodo firewall…And even recommended it to everyone I know.
But now its so buggy that Im left without a decent firewall and I WONT be recommending it to anyone anymore.
Id just like to go back to the previous version before .304, it worked great and it didnt take 5 minutes to open…nor did it crash all day long!
Does anyone know where i can get the previous version?..before comodo screwed it up

Go to Filehippo at and pick your version. :slight_smile:

Oops sorry sded, your post wasn’t there when i started my post!

thanks I forgot about filehippo

May I add, one of the safest sites on the web for downloads. :slight_smile: